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10:58 p.m. - 05/02/2018
6 yr prison in abeline tx
Dear diary.... Today i found out were jesse was he got sentenced to 6 yrs in in prison he will be eligible for parole in a few months but he release date is 11 2020 wow my childs father is in prison i probly wont be writing much in here now i have to process this and i feel like by the time i get to a point where i am feeling whole again he will be almost getting out idk so many feeling relief safe free happy confused lost mad sad im sure i will feel alot over the next few years who knows i new when i was pref with jessa there was a 89% chance she would grow up with out a father but i thought there was a 80 % chance he would just walk out of here life and maybe a 9 % chance he would end up back in prison i had no idea that a judge would put a permanent injunction on him ending there relationship i guess it doesnt matter. He will spend most of his sentence on parole he really did get much time but gods will was done and im happy i really am glad its over now i know where he is and how long he will be there in the next few days i will be signing up to be notified of all his parole hearing and stuff so i will no where and when he is getting out i hope they give me info that i want. Well diary you been alot of help im sorry i wont have much to talk about for awhile goodnight



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