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10:56 p.m. - 04/20/2017
The day cps came
Okay today is April 20th 2017 10:56 p.m. I haven't updated in a really long time on August 28th CPS knocked on my door well let me start before that on August 24th 2016 me and Justin got into a fight and I told him to get out of my house I told you I was going to call the cops on him spit in my face and he wouldn't leave Kenny was outside waiting for Alex to go to take her to school and in Jesse saw kenny he got mad hit his pipes in my room and call the cops so on August 28th CPS knock on my door and took my kids from me I failed my drug test I had to call my mom it was pretty bad they took my baby something Jesse had threatened me since jessas birth anyways my mom got the girls and I didn't tell Jesse what had happened but he really found out and October the 28th or something like that he went to jail for a unauthorized use of a motor vehicle but I didn't care I was done I had been done with him since CPS took my girl and I got my stuff together I've been clean I've been going to church I've been doing my services which was parenting class domestic violence class drug test drug classes I've been fighting to get my girls back since the day they took them I have found God even though I believed in God I never had a relationship with him until January something I have turned my life around I am very proud of myself I am drug free I am just be free I am Jessie free I am no longer getting abused mentally physically verbally emotionally or any other way I'm about to get my girls back on May 5th and I'm so excited just got out of jail in February he hasn't seen jessas yet I no longer have a relationship with him I stick with no contact even though he tries to contact me randomly I don't care he requested a DNA test for his baby and that's pretty much all a thing going on in my life the last six seven eight months hey man amen God is good



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