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2:56 a.m. - 06/11/2018
Chapter 6
I also had a guy friend who would come over and ask to watch me and asshole have sex. And asshole started asking him if he wanted to join us or touch me and that bothered me even more than it did with his friend. But i knew it had alot to do with our lifestyle but i was disgusting and asshole knew how i felt about it. And he didnt care he also had a friend at work that he told he could come and fuck me when ever he wanted. I told his friend no and said i loved asshole and eventully we had a threesum with that friend and then once he brought another woman for a foursome by then asshole had kicked me and our daughter out but got us a place to live and payed the rent and grocies and still supplied my habit and his. So i was cool living away from him. And he still came over for sex actully we started having more sex after he moved me out. That didnt last long he couldn't afford two places and finally moved back in to the rent house with us then i got a job cuz things were bad i hadn't worked in 4 yrs by now thats where i met bitch. Me and bitch were super close i called her my best friend she was the only person i knew and hung out with and we had alot in common haha. Her and assshole didn't get along she told me he was a sorry mf for how he treated me blah blah he would tell me she was using me/us but i still kicked it with her and i could tell he was gaga or some shit over her but i never thought she would do anything so one day he talked me into having a three sum with her. I said no way not even but he gave me the option either it all of us or just me and her you decide so we did it. It was the worst one by far. They pretty much ended up fucking in front of me at the end. It was bullshit i felt like shit by this time it was nothing for asshole to call me a loser and say he hated me and he would point at our daughter and say she is the only reason im with your sorry ass. Constantly calling me a worthless piece of shit and when i told him he could leave i could make it on my own. He couldnt afford to leave and when he could afford to leave i couldnt afford him to go so we were just living in pure hell but i loved him i didnt want to lose him because i lost my daughter when i got with him how dare him want to walk out after i all that it made me so mad. And then he started cheating with bitch and they didnt tell me. I was a fucking joke. I was trying so hard to figure out who he was messing with and finally one day he forgot to delete her number my best friend and the guy i had lost my husband over 10 years ago were fucking i walked around in a daze i was falling apart i was dead i couldnt stop them and they were no longer hiding it and not long after i found out he came home and got his stuff and moved in with her and her dad sept 2009 in the same complex and our doors faced eachother. I saw them all the time and they laughed and laughed and laughed every Time they saw me. I was so depressed i couldnt even hardly get up. I had no job he wouldn't pay the rent i wouldnt let him see our daughter i was a mess. I wanted to die. I was getting evicted and i was scared and i got a job after about 3 months and that gave me a way to move to another complex 2 blocks down i was finally doing it all on my own. In jan 2010 i was really happy finally



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